About Dr. Jennifer Smolka

Experience You Can Count On

  • PhD in Educational Computer with Minor in Organizational Leadership
  • MS in Computer Education &  Cognitive Systems
  • BS in Elementary Education with Minor in Math
  • K-12 Classroom Teacher: Math, Reading, Technology
  • Higher Ed Faculty:  Undergraduate, Masters and Doctorate
  • Non-Profit Leader: YMCA, Special Olympics, local, national and international organizations.

Content Areas

Learning Technologies

Instructional Design


Digital Tools

Educational Planning 

Math Education

Disability Services

Non-Profit Outreach


Dr. Smolka earned her Ph.D. in Educational Computing from the University of North Texas in 2003.    Her dissertation research focused on applying the theory of mass customization of learning to online professional development with 1,200 teachers in Texas through the Technology Application Certification Program.   Her Ph.D. minor, in the area of Organizational Behavior & Leadership, from the School of Business.  Dr. Smolka defended her dissertation in November 2002,  and the degree was conferred in May 2003

M.S. Computer Education & Cognitive Systems, University of North Texas,  1997

B.S. Elementary Education with a Minor in Math, Texas Tech University,  1991  

Texas Lifetime Teacher Certificate K-8 Elementary and K-8 Mathematics.

K-12 Experience & Collaborations

Dr. Smolka started her educational career in the child development major studies program at Plano Independent School District from 1985 to 1987.  She was able to return to the elementary school where she was a teaching intern in 1991 as the 5th Grade Math Specialist and Reading Teacher.   After moving into Higher Education, Dr. Smolka had the opportunity to continue her love with K-12 education through teacher training and development collaboration with local school districts throughout the state through grants, professional development, and the Technology Application Certification Program with the Texas Center for Educational Technology.  During the TACP, Dr. Smolka was the Program Coordinator for training over 1200 teachers across the state.   

Higher Education Faculty & Administration

For the last 25 years, Dr. Smolka has been leading and engaging with learners at institutes of Higher Education in campus-based, online and hybrid delivery models including, but not limited to, University of North Texas, Western Governors University, Southern Methodist University, University of West Georgia, Walden University, Northcentral University, and American InterContinental University.   

Sampling of Higher Education experiences below. 

Higher Education Administration

  • Director of Curriculum & Assessment, American InterContinental University
  • Program Director - PhD in Education, Walden University
  • Program Director - EdD in Teacher Education, Walden University
  • K-12 Regional Coordinator for Texas, Western Governors University
  • Faculty Development Coordinator, Western Governors University

Teaching Faculty

  • College of Education, University of West Georgia, 
  • Graduate School, Northcentral University
  • College of Education, Walden University 
  • College of Education, Southern Methodist University
  • College of Nursing, University of West Georgia
  • College of Education, University of North Texas

Dissertation Committee

  • School of Education, Northcentral University
  • School of Business, Northcentral University
  • College of Education and Leadership, Walden University

Dissertation Coaching

  • Lakeside Learning

Instructional Design & Development

  • Schools of Business, General Education, Information Technology, Criminal Justice, American InterContinental University
  • Doctoral Completion Pathway, Northcentral University
  • Bootcamp & DCP Intensive, Northcentral University
  • PhD in Education Programs, Walden University
  • Graduate School of Business, Pierce College
  • eLearning Leadership, University of West Georgia
  • Distance Ed for Nursing Education, University of West Georgia
  • Virtual Residency, Walden University 
  • Master Technology Teacher, Southern Methodist University
  • Technology Application Certification Program, University of North Texas


Serving the communities and causes that are near and dear to her heart, Dr. Smolka collaborates with non-profit organizations and consistently gives her talents to the greater good. 

Non-Profit Consulting, Development & Learning

  • Executive Director, Children's Museum of Waxahachie
  • Bridges Training Foundation, Midlothian TX
  • Hope Clinic, Waxahachie, TX
  • International Down Syndrome Coalition
  • International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association

Current Board Commitments

  • Special Olympics Ellis County United, Head of Delegation 
  • LuMind-IDSC, Board of Directors
  • Waxahachie Family YMCA, Board of Directors

Highlights of Previous Board Commitments

  • Bridges Training Foundation,  Advocacy Board
  • Waxahachie ISD Education Foundation, President 
  • Waxahachie ISD Education Foundation, Board Member
  • Greater Dallas Zeta Tau Alpha Federation, President
  • Dallas Area Night Alumnae, Zeta Tau Alpha, President


EDSi EdTech Incubator

Through 321 eLearning, LLC, Dr. Smolka was selected as an entrepreneur fellow at the EdTech incubator “Educational Design Studio” (EDSi) with the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania and the Wharton School of Business.   Learn more about My Time in the Shark Tank.

Awards & Honors


HigherEd Administration

Online Conference Consulting

Online Conference Consulting

"Jennifer is one of the best organized and intelligent professionals I have ever worked with! She is one of those rare people whose passion, intelligence, and integrity shines through in everything she does. She is an incredibly valued administrator, and an outstanding teacher. Her attention to detail, knowledge of educational standards, and skills for implementing those standards are beyond comparison. I highly recommend her, and consider her a lifelong colleague, as well as someone that I will continue to call on for advice, input and perspective."   

Online Conference Consulting

Online Conference Consulting

Online Conference Consulting

"Dr.  Smolka is an insightful, decisive and engaging colleague. Her background and experience, both personal and professional, give her the ability to pursue core training and learning issues and delivery strategy with practical tactics to get the job done well. As a key member of my team, Dr. Smolka was instrumental in creating and delivering an online conference – the first in its subject and participant area – with outstanding success."

Life Changing Coaching

Online Conference Consulting

Life Changing Coaching

"Working with Dr. Smolka as my dissertation coach has been life changing. Her expertise in the dissertation process coupled with her ability to inspire makes her the perfect coach. Dr. Smolka is skilled in listening to ideas and a master at helping bring those ideas, sometimes crazy and unorganized, to reality. I have to admit, I would not have been able to complete this process without her by my side the entire way."  {More}

HigherEd Faculty

Constant Source of Encouragement

Life Changing Coaching

"It was my privilege to be part of the mathematics mentoring team at Western Governor's University, where I was able to get to know Jennifer as her manager. I very much appreciated and was impressed by Dr. Smolka's passion not just for math but also her enthusiasm for creating a comprehensive, engaging experience for the learner. Her warmth, expertise, professionalism and initiative made her an invaluable member of our team. Jennifer's talents are many, including curriculum design, technological savvy and an incredible commitment to her field. Any faculty would be lucky to count Dr. Jennifer Smolka among their distinguished members." 

Constant Source of Encouragement

Constant Source of Encouragement

Constant Source of Encouragement

"Dr. Smolka provided an extraordinary degree of support during my doctoral candidacy at Northcentral University. She was flexible, friendly, and always willing to help. Dr. Smolka showed a high level of interest in my dissertation topic and assisted me in identifying practical solutions when I encountered obstacles. One of my favorite things about working with Dr. Smolka is that she was a constant source of encouragement during moments of doubt as I worked to achieve one of the most meaningful milestones of my life. I feel very lucky to have worked with her during my dissertation process as she is one of the best professors ever!"

Non-Profit Team Building

Constant Source of Encouragement

Constant Source of Encouragement

"Dr.  Smolka provided organization, structure and training to a new work group tasked with delivering online webinars and consultative phone support to consumers. She was an invaluable asset in providing guidance and concrete actions to create scalable and high quality services for our customers."

Constant Source of Encouragement

Constant Source of Encouragement

Constant Source of Encouragement

"Dr. Smolka served as my professor for several courses in my doctoral program and continues to be somebody I keep in touch with. I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying under her in my doctoral program. She has been one of the most positive and influential persons in my academic career. What sets Dr. Smolka apart from my experience is her positivity, knowledge, and genuine compassion and caring for her students."

Projects & Collaborations


Dr. Smolka's Academic Vita